Saturday, April 26, 2008

Coupon Organizing

I am a little embarrassed to say all of this was in purse! I have recently started coupon shopping more often. Normally when I have a coupon, I always forget to use it. So I made this cute little organizer to help keep track of all my coupons.

It was really easy to make. Take 8 envelopes, use the bind-it-all machine to bind them.
Then decorate. I also used Velcro to hold the black envelope flap down.
My little coupon organizer turned out really simple and cute! And now my purse is a lot cleaner!
I labeled all the envelopes into categories (like grocery, mall, restaurant etc.) I have been really good at using coupons and have found I am saving a lot of money!
It's pretty cute, even my children are now aware of coupons and saving money. Instead of just asking for every treat we see in the store, my 8 year old will say "Mom, do you have a coupon for these?" or "Are these a good deal?"
It has made me happy seeing all the money I have been saving on groceries. You know what saving money on food means? More money for scrapbooking!!!


HeatherM said...

I love this! I must have one. You are so clever.

Ginny said...

This is really great. I was actually thinking about making a coupon organizer because the ones at the store just aren't working for me. I wasn't sure how to go about it, thanks for the ideas! I don't think mine could come out that good, great job :)