Sunday, April 19, 2009

Summer Time

I Just love summer time... The warm sun on your face, The sound of kids playing outside, Melted Popsicles, gardening, swimming, staying outside and talking with neighbors, filling up the little swim pool and playing outside all day!!! I could go on forever... I just love summer!!!
This is a darling page my Mom made... Sunshine and summer time!!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Easter Time

My Mom and Dad have always done a big Easter egg hunt ever since I was a little girl, everyone in the family loved it. Then as we started turning into teenagers we weren't really that into egg hunting... Until one year when my parents surprised us and put coupons in the eggs.... My Mom had made up her own coupons like a gas fill up, dinner with Mom and Dad, shopping with Mom etc... Now that my parents have 15 Grandchildren, the Easter egg hunt is now for grand kids only the coupons have changed a little, now they are more like sleep over at grandmas, feed the ducks with grandma or go to the movies with grandpa. The kids look forward to the egg hunt every year!!! They are always so excited to get those special coupons and spend some fun time with their grandparents!