Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Blooming Memories!

I finally did it, last year I planted some bulbs. This has been something that I have wanted to do for almost 15 years, but by the time fall comes around I am tired of yard work, and I never plant anything. Well I finally planted some bulbs, and I am so glad I did, it is done and I won't have to do it again, yet I can enjoy them each spring. Sometimes I feel like I don't have time to scrapbook, yet I know that each page I finish will be a treasured memory that I can look at year after year.

These little grape hyacinth are extra special, because they remind me of being a little girl and making mud pies in the back yard. They were the perfect way to decorate a mud pie. I love how my childhood memories come flooding back to me as look at these beautiful flowers.

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Jacynthe said...

FUN!!! Hyacinths are my favourite flowers :) These grape hyacinths will spread over the years. Enjoy!