Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Worlds Best Scissors

Living in a house with four boys my scissors are always getting ruined.... If I leave them out for one second the next thing I know my kids are using them to cut the tops off otter pops or my husband is using them to cut up a Coke can..... Well, now I have found the Best Scissors!!!!
Westcott Scissors are sharp and great for cutting!!! The best part they are none stick so you can cut Duck Tape, stickers, things with glue and maybe even a otter pop and they will still cut and be sharp!
 As for cutting a Coke can???
If I accidentally leave my scissors out ad my husbands gets a hold of them.....
I will let you know how they hold up!

Come in this week to see our giant Westcott Scissors!!!
Bring your camera we will have them in the store this entire week....
Then they will be off to travel the rest of the world!

National Scrapbook Day is May 5th
Come in the store for a FREE make and take
20% off your purchase
Drawings for Westcott Scissors

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