Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Trick-or -Treat Soda Bottles

This is such a cute idea. I first saw this done with a Father's Day motif. We just thought it was such a cute idea we couldn't wait for Halloween!!! This project is so cute and easy!

1. Go to the store and buy a four pack of Cream Soda... (You can dump the Cream Soda out in the sink, like my Mom does..... or you can tell all your kids to drink it up as fast as they can, then take all the bottles away from them as fast as you can:) 2. rinse out your bottles and let them dry over night. 3. Fill with candy and pop the lids back on. 4. Decorate your Bottles and cover the cardboard case they came in! Now you have a cute decoration or gift!!!

All supplies can be purchased at Mom and Me Scrapbooking (although you will need to BYOB "Buy your own Bottles" at the grocery store)

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