Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My Halloween House

Have you decorated for Halloween yet??? I have to say it is one of my favorite holidays, so yes I put my decor out last week. I am almost finished with my front porch once it is done I will post a picture. 
50 days till Halloween... That's fine to decorate 20 days early... RIGHT???? I love my cute countdown blocks. This is one of the projects we made a few years ago at the store. If you look aways back through the blog, there are more pictures posted. 
I have to say I love this spooky banner!!! It turned out so cute and I love the paper line. This was last years project. I love love love the Pom Pom ribbon!!! oh, and I can't forget the potions... Last year we went a little (ok... A lot crazy making all sorts of cool potions.) most of them are filled with spices, soap, hand sanitizer.... You know just what ever! I let my little 5 year old help me make them... he filled them and had a blast!!!! I got all the embellishments at Mom and Me...
This is my entertainment center, I also love the Halloween Banner... I think this one was maybe 3 years ago.... I think it pulls everything together!!! 
These are my little Lollie picks. I must say I love having jars of candy around... The trick is trying to keep them full. That's why I threaten all my kids and let them know not to even think about touching that candy!!!! 
This is the place where I put all my kids cute art work that I have saved over the years... Infact the little skeleton is made out of q- tips by my oldest son when he was in 2nd grade... My little 6 year old was looking at it and said "oh my heck, that is disgusting!!!! Zach made a picture out of ear pickers" I laughed he just cracks me up!!!!
This is one of my absolute favorite things and I actually keep it out a little through November... I am just so sad to put it away....the little walk ways are made out of tiny rocks I got at Home Depot... One day for my kids chores I had them all glue together walk ways for my village:) I love love love this and the best thing my kids love helping me set it up. 
These pillows were a fun project I made a few years ago. 
Another thing I love to do is switch out pictures for the holidays... It's not hard once you get going all you do is put the holiday pictures behind... So in my frames I actually have a little stack of about 6 pictures I switch out. I love seeing pictures of my kids when they are little!!! 
This is fun too because it holds a lot of pictures!!!! 
I made these when I used to stitch more... Usually I give these things away as gifts... I am glad I actually made some for myself since I don't stitch that much anymore... 
This little Halloween tree is pretty fun, I let all my kids make little ornaments out of clay... They look so cute hanging on our spooky tree. 
Just some more Halloween stuff... My husband said "You know Karen, you don't have to put out every little Halloween decoration...." I laughed and said "oh, yes I do!!!!"
My cute little 6 year old LOVES decorating for all the holidays. He really likes having his room decorated. So, I thought I would post a picture of his cute little decorations he does all by himself. 
Notice the Lego guys on his shelf... He is a collector, just like me!!! We are a Little obsessed over Legos. By the way the NEW lego store is opening in Fashion Place Mall October 4th!!! Our calendar is already marked!!! 
And we'll, since I am sharing all my Halloween decorations.... I might as well post this... I got it at the Dollar Store yesterday!!!! I must say it is pretty frightening.... My boys love it!!!! It's a great warning for them not to pee on the seat:)

And I can't wait until after the Scrapbook retreat.... When I get to take my BEWARE BANNER home. I am going to hang it right on the curtain rack above my windows.... I think I need something there!!! 
We still have space in the retreat so sign up today!!!! 

Yesterday, I went on a tree hunt... I will tell you why and where as soon as I finish decorating my front porch:)  be sure to follow us on Facebook to get updates on what's going on and to participate in giveaways:) 


Abu-Kitty Crafts said...

Great decorations!!! Thanks for sharing!!

Abu-Kitty Crafts said...

Great decorations!!! Thanks for sharing!!

callyannc said...

I LOVE all of it! Love to decorate for Halloween on the first of Oct! Callyann

Becky Dunham said...

Wow Karen! You are really decorated for Halloween :) I don't usually decorate for Halloween, but I really enjoyed your pictures! Thanks for sharing!

Karen said...

Thanks so much:)