Thursday, January 24, 2013

Baby It's Cold Outside

 Let it Snow banner or as I like to say every year "Please Let it STOP snowing!" Actually maybe next year the snowman should be holding a little red stop sign:) We started to take full advantage of the snow here in Utah and decided to go sledding... It was all great fun until my little one who is now not so little... laid down at the bottom of the hill and said "I am so tired, I am not moving at all I am going to lay here until someone carries me up to the car..." Well, let's just say I have darling pictures to scrapbook and we have only been sledding one time so far!!!

We have kits for this darling banner at Mom and Me Scrapbooking
Also, If you spend $50.00 in January you will get a FREE club membership to Mom and Me... This allows you to get 15% on all your scrapbooking supplies all year long and work at our tables for free:)

Happy New Year... and by the way one of my news years resolutions is to blog... So keep on visiting our blog and tell your friends:)

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