Friday, September 14, 2012

Toil and Trouble

I have been wanting to make potion bottles for Halloween for sometime now... But, just couldn't figure out how I wanted to do it. Well, Tuesday I came into work and guess what??? My Mom had all these cute potion bottles on display!!! I could get enough of cute they were! I love because they are so vintage and so authentic looking. Well, after seeing what she made it was all I could think about!!! So today I am making potions!!! (hopefully I can get done in time to make dinner....If not oh well, somethings are just more important!!!) Come in the store to see all our potions. We will be getting more antique bottles in Monday Sept. 24th. We also have potion starter kits!

Vampire Blood (red food coloring)

 Cranium Crackers (Crushed Saltine Crackers)
Poison Corrosive Sublimate (Skeletons in Hand Sanitizer)
My favorite!!!

Witches Brew (Tea with tea bag cut open and poured in)

Witches Mummy Poison (Spiders and Gauze)

 Frogs Breath (Aloe Vera with a tor frog inside)
 Pumpkin Juice (Orange food coloring and water)
 Witches Brew (All Season Salt)
Pearls of Wisdom (Pearls in shampoo or soap)
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