Thursday, April 26, 2012

If you give a Mom a Paint brush...

Wow, it has been a while..... I have been so busy!!! First off I went to Disneyland the Happiest Place on Earth for a Cheerleading competition (an all girl trip with my sister and two of her daughters) We had so much fun!!! When I got home I got so sick, that I didn't do much of anything except for getting an idea in my head to paint the kitchen table. This idea just wouldn't leave.... so, I was off to Home Depot to pick out paint. After spending some time on the Internet trying to figure out what to do I was ready to start..... I forgot to take before and after pictures (so sad). The table top was wood with black legs. The table was 9 years old and it had been used and very abused... It was really fun to paint and distress with a hammer, knife and screwdriver... the kids went to town (with a little supervision.) 
Then I decided to paint the bar stools and a bench to match.... Stain and refinish a coffee table, end table and a sofa table, the kids play table and chairs, a paint easel, a sitting chair and a few picture frames..... Needless to say if you give Mom  paint brush she will want to paint the table.... That will make her think of the chairs and so on!!!! At least my little side kick likes to paint too!

For 4 days I have told my kids not touch any furniture!!! They even had to eat dinner outside or on the floor.... My painting obsession is almost over, I just need to paint a few more things......

And as for my scrapbooking stuff it has been booted to the floor.....
I am so glad my husband doesn't mind my crazy obsessions
(probably cause he knows they only last a week or two until the next one comes along.)

Don't forget the SHOP HOP May 2-5

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