Friday, August 12, 2011

Happy Birthday

Today is my Birthday! I am one of those people who LOVES their Birthday!!! There is something about having one special day that is just for you! Although now my husband is calling all of August my Birthday month ( this makes me laugh because it is so true!!!)

Every year he will ask me what I want for my Birthday???? I usually say the same thing 1.Clean out the garage. 2. A cake I can eat all by myself!!!! (this can't be any cake, it has to be "The Cake") Are you wondering what "The Cake" is???? Glaus French Pastry Pineapple Rum Cake.... (The best cake you will ever taste!!!)

Yesterday I came home and the Garage was spotless!!!!! And today I am getting my cake!!!

The perfect Birthday!!!!! If you are on our email list check your E-mail for a special Birthday surprise!!!

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