Saturday, March 5, 2011

"Lucky" - Chaun

St. Patrick's Day is coming soon..... and this year I am having so much fun.... This is Freckles the "Lucky"chaun (that's what my kids call him) He came to our house March 1st and he hides in new place each day. Every morning when my boys wake up the first thing they do is look for this tricky little leprechaun. Once they have found him they get a piece of candy.... This has been really fun although the fun part is when he leaves on March 17th he plays all sorts of tricks..... Everything to hanging pictures upside down to turning milk green. My kids are so excited to see what the Lucky-chaun will do!!!

*** Last year he drew green mustaches on all the kids!!!! He might do the same thing again.... we just never know???

This was the little note he left...... {It is in a size 4 font....}
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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