Tuesday, October 7, 2008


The leaves are just starting to turn all the pretty fall colors. So I decided to take the kids on a walk. They all had so much fun searching for the perfect leaves. When we came home I ironed the leaves between two wash clothes, then let the kids glue them in the little book I made with my Bind-it-all.
I just love the Bind-it-all. It has so many possibilities.
The kids colored the front of the book and loved how their projects turned out.
It was a great fall activity!!!


susan said...

I love the bind-it-all too but haven't used it yet. Now I'm inspired to get busy and use it. When I bought it I had all kinds of projects in mind. Now I'm actually going to put itm to good use.

mindyk said...

What a great leaf project!! Gonna do something like that too.

Jennybug said...

What a cute idea. The possibilities are endless.